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Issogne castle
ZOOM - Castello di Issogne
Formerly the property of the Bishops of Aosta, then restored in around 1400 by Ibleto of Challant, Issogne Castle's current appearance developed between 1490 and 1510 under George of Challant, the prior of Sant' Orso, who restored and transformed it into a luxurious residence for his cousin Margaret de La Chambre and her son Philibert. These works transformed Issogne castle into a luxurious Renaissance residence. After various owners, it was bought by the artist Vittorio Avondo in 1872 who restored it and donated it to the State in 1907. Today the castle belongs to the regional council. Not far from the castle are the ruins of its dove house.

When you enter the castle, first you come to the hallway frescoed with scenes from everyday life (the tailor's workshop, the pharmacy, the butcher, the guards, the greengrocer market, the baker, the grocer, the delicatessen).
Next you come to the courtyard, where you see the Challant coats of arms along with those of families related to them. In the centre of the courtyard is the famous wrought-iron pomegranate fountain, symbol of the Challant family.
The rooms open to visitors of the castle are:
- the dining room, the kitchen, the Baron's hall, where you can admire a beautiful stone fireplace with the Challant crest alongside a lion and a griffin and painted wooden beams on the ceiling and frescoes on the walls depicting landscapes, hunting scenes and the Judgment of Paris;
- on the first floor, the chapel, with finely decorated, pointed arch vaults, with frescoes on the walls and a Gothic altar in carved, gilded wood, adorned with a Flemish triptych, the Countess's room with painted oratory and Count Renato's room;
- on the second floor the “King of France's room”, with a coffered ceiling decorated with lilies and a fireplace with the French Vallois dynasty shield, and the room called the "Knights of St. Maurice" with a beautiful, coffered ceiling with the Order's cross painted on it.

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