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The Bertolin family wants to add something special to the taste of their cooking by making use of local products.

Customers at our restaurant can enjoy these flavours in well-tested recipes, which bring out the genuine qualities everyone is searching for today. Our cooking, based on real, healthy ingredients, includes specialities such as: fat bacon with salami, chestnuts, soups, polenta made with local, organic maize flour, served with or without butter and cheese, as well as game, cheese and wine.

Here are some of the dishes we can prepare for you, with advance notice:

Mixed cured meats from the Valle d’Aosta (Arnad fat bacon, “mocetta” (smoked beef ham), “boudin” (made with beet, potato and lard) and sausages).
Valle d’Aosta salad
Vol-au-vents with melted cheese
Asparagus Valle d’Aosta style
Chestnuts with butter
Potatoes, “cotechino” (spiced sausage)  and  “salignon”
(seasoned ricotta cheese)
Quiche made with Valle d’Aosta vegetables

First Courses
Polenta concia (served with butter and cheese)
Valpullinenze soup
Risotto with melted cheese
Penne with melted cheese, or “mountain style”
Gnocchi with melted cheese
“Seupé” (chestnut soup)
Barley soup

Main courses:
Rich beef stew in wine, Valle d’Aosta style
Selection of game
Valle d’Aosta  veal cutlets
Veal stew

Side dishes:
Boiled potatoes
Fontina and Tome cheese from the Valle d’Aosta

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