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In the local area there are many famous rock-walls, which attract a lot of people. For this reason, Arnad is considered a very important climbing centre within the Valle d’Aosta region.
The Arnad area can be divided into different sectors offering different types of climbing experience. The most important sites are the “Paretone” and the “Gruviera”.
The routes up the Paretone are mainly made up of boulders and so suitable for rock-climbing, with small hand-holds and few very difficult movements.

The routes are generally equipped with metal spits and so are very safe.
They generally vary in length from 6 to 7 stretches, but some of the latest routes, in particular, are shorter (from 1 to 2 stretches), with resting-places equipped for descents.
The routes down the Paretone vary from pleasant walks along the “Sanctuario di Machaby” path (15 minutes) to a double rope descent from the top, close to the “Diretta Banano” route.

In the lower sector of the Gruviera, and elsewhere in the surrounding area, even though the rock is of the same type, you can find some all-purpose rock-walls.

There, it is possible to climb some sheer faces.

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